The Office Tyrant – Get Out Of My Way, It’s All About “ME”

The Tyrant SUPERSTAR and Why They Are Repelling Others.

Tyrants like to brand themselves in business and strive to win at any cost. It feeds their big ego and makes them feel their humanity is bigger and better than working class people. These people are operating as if they are the robber barons of the late 1800s. We admired their achievements, but we do not admire for ‘how’ they operated. We now have antitrust laws, anti-discrimination laws and harassment laws that prevent this behavior.

How do you deal with the professional tyrant who performs at a high level, but cannot (or will not) play fair with their teammates?

They are not just inappropriate, but abusive to other people they work with. Yet your clients love them. Here are two quick tips on how to detect and deal with these emotional intelligence blind spots.


One: The Office Superstar -
One: The Office Superstar - The Need to Be #1 No Matter What

Winning is a great goal, but the ends do not always justify the means. Finding ways to deal with the ambitious employee who is blind and is all about winning, can put your company in jeopardy. High performance is the goal, but a high level of discernment in their communication and decisions is equally important. If training the employee on new EI (Emotional Intelligence) skills does not curb this obnoxious behavior, job performance coaching will be needed immediately. Coaching with direct feedback on how he/she is impacting the rest of the team and requesting change immediately should happen. Most of the time, the employee will develop amazing skills of self-control in record time.

Two: The Office Tyrant -
Two: The Office Tyrant - Power Mongering in the Office

When an employee is seeking power for “ME” rather than the organization, an office tyrant is in the making. No matter how high of a performer that person is, this will diminish the talent and dedication of the rest of the team. Chances are behind the scenes there will be bullying and sabotaging taking place which will end up in grievances, conflicts and law suits. Creating an organizational culture where employees can share what is happening and conflicts are addressed directly is crucial. When office tyrants can no longer operate in secrecy, the oxygen to the fires they are starting has been cut off.

For helpful strategies on how to educate your workforce in forming more positive and productive communication with one another, contact EdTrainU.