Our training and consulting services make the impossible, possible.

EdTrainU's clients thrive during organizational change. How? We show leaders how to quickly harness their teams' talent, bring that talent forward and join other leaders in creating profitable products and services for their company.

Strategic Management

We find a way to reach your goals using your employees in the best possible way with in a specific time frame. To achieve an ideal strategic management culture, EdTrainU uses a simple four step process:.

  1. Determine Your Position: Determine the strategic issues needing to be addressed.
  2. Strategy Development: Determine the organization's core purpose, competitive advantages, etc.
  3. Build a Plan:  Process the SWOT analysis to set priorities.
  4. Manage Performance: Roll-out, set calendar, leverage tools, adapt quarterly, update yearly.

Conflict Management

We take the time to teach others how to understand what they want, how they are trying to get it and to understand how others are trying to do the same. Our conflict management training consist of:

  • Identify conflicts and train everyone how to manage those conflicts
  • Look at your reason for being and help you develop the path to achieve your purpose
  • Listen to everyone and teach effective, ongoing communication
  • Train everyone how to bounce and roll with grace, but not end up stuck in old corners
  • Make sure you know when and how to make decisions that work
  • Help ensure a culture that accepts ideas, even when they don't work
  • Teach everyone how to use what's in your mind and know the difference between pictures and processes
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