How Do You Learn and Grow?

We help you figure out first the"Why" behind the "Why"?  Then determine the assessments and tools needed to help your team learn and grow. Let our team help you figure out the Why, the How and the Delivery Method needed to help your team learn and grow.

Qualitative Research

We focus on the meat of what makes your employees tick and what adult learning methods are best suited for your organization.

  • Define scope and research outline
  • Utilize pre-testing surveys, focus groups, individual interviews and.or ethnography for an indivudal, group or department
  • Collect and analyze the primary data
  • Present preliminary finding, analysis with suggested actions


We use a variety of proprietary and non-proprietary assessment tools to help employees understand their own strengths, temperament and needed areas of improvement. Below are just a few of the assessment type tools EdTrain uses:

  • Strength Finders
  • Kiersey Temperament Assessment
  • Thomas Killmann Conflict Mode Assessment
  • Meyers Brigges


We tap into various learning management systems, AI, social media and company portals that are both SaaS based and installed systems to gather and deliver the necessary training and courses requested. Examples consist of:

  • Black Board, Engage, Canvas, Moodle, D2L, WorkDay
  • AWS Technology
  • MS Office
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snap Chat


EdTrainU has developed a series of courses designed to effectively advance your global teams. These are just a few of many courses EdTrainU has developed and delivers to it clients:

  • Social and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership
  • Human Capital: Two sided accountability
  • Intercultural Management Communication
  • Supervisory Managment
  • Strategic Management
  • The Politics of Leadership in a Global Economy
  • Interpersonal Management
  • Human Resources Management: Building a Capable Workforce
  • Concepts of Global and Ethical Leadership
  • Leadership and Professional Practice
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