What is your greatest strength and weakness?

Defining what are the greatest strengths and how to build on areas of weakness is what helps both individuals and groups build profitable businesses. EdTrainU helps you maximize and grow your talent through leadership development exercises. More importantly, we Listen, Evaluate, Consult and Refine.

Talent Maximization

Learning happens in layers and over time. WE help you maximize your talent in the following ways:

  • We track the growth and skill level change of clients’ employees using metrics
  • We analyze their development and performance improvement.
  • Present outcomes which showcase how your employees job performance has changed based on their growth because of our training and development programs.

Leadership Development

We know how leaders think and what their biggest challenges are - that's why our clients continue to grow and maximize their natural strengths every day. Our leadership development training consist of:

  • How to make a variety of different types of decisions, in multiple situations
  • Focusing on goal execution, doing the tasks required and accomplishing milestones
  • Encouraging the development of emotional intelligence within the context of professional communications
  • Helping leaders master local/global negotiation capabilities that generates results with clients and partners
  • Identifying communication weaknesses and creating leaders who are efficient, tactful and persuasive connectors
  • Helping leaders facilitate productive conflict among their team members
  • Facilitating real conversations among others for a smarter more confident company
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