EdTrainU Offers Posts Written By Multicultural Experts

We are excited to announce EdTrainU.com website is up and live!

Let our multicultural experts bring to you some of the latests ideas and industry articles/posts to help you deal with multicultural, multilingual, intergenerational employee workforce issues. Our team of consultants has a mastery of 13 different languages from nine different countries and their ages range from 19 to 80 years old. Our team has worked in different industries (Higher Education, K-12 Education, Telecommunications, Software, IT, Retail, Non-Profit, Finance, Economics, Holistic Medicine and Marketing,

EdTrainU works with Various Cultural Styles and Ethnicities

At EdTrainU our mission is to work with various cultural styles and ethnicities to help organizations work together for a common good. Our vision is to help organizations harness the talent and intelligence needed to create a more positive, profitable work environment within an ever changing employee workforce. We have expertise helping Rural Health Care, Mid-Small Businesses (Accounting Firms, Larger Non-Profits, Printing, Franchise Restaurants, Hospitality Industry) and small to mid-size colleges.

What makes EdTrainU Unique?

  1. An eclectic and diverse group of highly educated and trained consulting professionals.
  2. Our business was born in the U.S., based in Minneapolis, MN, but very international.
  3. We deliver proprietary programs and curriculum that are customized and tailored to fit an organization’s needs.

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Our EdTrainU posts are designed to be helpful and provide our readers with industry-specific content that gives readers a useful takeaway. Enjoy current industry topics, meet our experts and let us help you. Contact us at info@edtrainu.com.

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